Term 1 2018/2019 Bambino High School Newsletter

Dear Parents / Guardians,

Welcome to the new academic year 2018/2019. With your commitment, by sending your child/ward to Bambino High School, we are assured that we are together in the quest of providing quality education. Bambino High School is a ​ reputable market leader​ in secondary education. We feel honored that after a long and interactive holiday you have had with your children/wards, you have entrusted their education with us in this new academic year.

First of all, it pleased the Management/Directors of Bambino Pvt. Schools to appoint us as the new High School Administrators as follows:

  • Mr. R. Thom, Deputy Headteacher Administration.
  • Mr. D. Phiri, Deputy Headteacher Academics.

Notably, we would like to share with you outstanding examination results in the 2018 May/June Cambridge examination session:


The Form 1 students who have joined us from our feeder primary school, Bambino Primary School have done extremely well with individual performance being noted as follows:

SCORES 5.0-6.0 4.0-4.9 3.0-3.9 2.0-2.9 TOTAL PASS 1.0-1.9 0.0-0.9 TOTAL
MATHS 4 3 11 11 29 10 6 45
ENGLISH 14 7 12 9 42 3 0 45
SCIENCE 12 12 13 5 42 2 1 45
TOTAL 30 22 36 25 15 7 45



Part of our 2017/18 graduating class produced outstanding results which have proved to be competitive amongst the top performing students in Malawi with several students surpassing our expectations and passing with distinctions and to that effect, our best had the following outstanding set of results :

The overall performance is summarized below which gives a reflection of yet another milestone in Bambino High School’s achievements paving way for even greater things to come:


A* A B C D E F G U
BIOLOGY 2 3 10 9 6 6 2 3
BUSINESS STUDIES 1 2 8 9 6 4 1 1
CHEMISTRY 1 1 5 6 1 5 2
ENGLISH 2nd 4 13 7 8 3
ENGLISH 1st 1 1 1
GEOGRAPHY 1 1 6 12 5 4 5 1
ICT 1 2 2 3 2
MATHEMATICS 1 2 11 8 9 2
PHYSICS 1 2 7 9 6 7 5 1 3
TOTAL 5 13 46 70 41 45 24 5 13


As it has been communicated to you in previous communication modes, the next Cambridge IGCSE and A Level examination session is October/November 2018 and registration closed on 10​th August 2018. We are thus in the late entry period which attracts a penalty fee. If you wish to have your child/ward sit for Cambridge examinations in the coming session, please make swift arrangements with us before 21​st September 2018.



At the end of last academic year, the high school organized an open school trip to Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe which was duly executed with very positive response both from students and a parent who accompanied the students. From the reviews we received, the trip was a great success. For the end of 2018/19 academic year trip, we are assured of a larger number as most of you, parents/guardians have expressed interest in taking part in the coming trips.



The term has started off in earnest with plans and goals laid out in the section coupled with key changes to the infrastructure and the academics:

    • Bambino High School has moved a step higher towards providing education of a high standard with renovations taking place in all classrooms. As such, our classes are now fitted with whiteboards and new furniture, i.e. desks, to create a conducive learning atmosphere.We have also received a new consignment of textbooks from our suppliers which will complement the available stocks and provide more learning resources. In light of this development, we now have a qualified Librarian to handle our library services and assist learners through research in our available resource books and online library system being put in place.
    • As a way of re-enforcing the learning process and accommodating learners of different potentials and abilities, we have introduced new subjects and are also in the process of preparing learners’ space for innovative subjects. In the meantime, we have introduced Physical Education, a Cambridge examinable subject at IGCSE, hence it has started at Form 4A level as all other junior classes in the ‘A’ stream prepare for it through the mandatory one lesson a week in Physical Education.In line with our goal of improving results further, we have also introduced Cambridge IGCSE Agriculture at Form 4A level. On this key introduction, all students in the class are undergoing lessons in the subject and will sit for their exams in October/November of 2019 thereby giving parents/guardians and learners a feel of the examination process based on this ​ one subject​ which should in turn give a reflection of the follow up progress in the May/June 2020 exams as results will be available in January 2020.For the new academic year, there are materials students will need and a comprehensive list was circulated on our ‘WhatsApp groups’ which is available at the school. Please procure these items for your child/ward so that learning is facilitated as expected.
    • This term is a very busy and demanding term as we have a number of notable events lined up apart from those already mentioned:
      3rdSeptember 2018 Boarders arrival.
      4thSeptember 2018 Term 1 opens.
      8thSeptember 2018 Start of Boarding Remedial lessons.
      20thSeptember 2018 Science Field Trip (To be confirmed).
      3rdOctober 2018 Marimba Band performance at German Embassy.
      8thOctober 2018 Cambridge October/November Exam Sessions begins.
      Mid-term examinations week.
      15th – 21stOctober 2018 Mid-term holiday.
      22nd – 28thOctober 2018 German Student Exchange visit (7 students).
      27th October 2018 Silver Jubilee Celebrations (To be confirmed).
      3rd November 2018 Boarding Parents Meeting (2pm – 3pm)
      9th – 10th November 2018 School Baha’i Holiday
      28th November 2018 End of Term 1 Examinations begin.
      3rd – 6th December 2018 Academic and Extra-curricular presentations.
      7th December 2018 Closing assembly, report distribution/consultation


        • At the end of last academic year, we revised our fee structures as follows:
          Cambridge Form 1A & 2A K300,000.00 K315,000.00
          Form 3A & 4A K320,000.00 K335,000.00
          Form 5 K340,000.00 K355,000.00
          Form 6 K360,000.00 K375,000.00
          MANEB Form 1B & 2B K275,000.00 K290,000.00
          Form 3B & 4B K290,000.00 K300,000.00
          Boarding All classes K300,000.00 K300,000.00
        • All new students are expected to pay the full school fees upon acceptance into the school. For returning students, the school encourages parents to pay all fees on or before the first day of the term. However, for those who might not have done so, please be advised that the grace period for the fees ends on 14​th September 2018. In line with our policy, we encourage parents to contact the administration on ‘fee payment plan’ if there are constraints being experienced in paying fees on time, i.e. let us not create a fee plan unilaterally but in accompaniment and with the right documentation.
        • All fees must be deposited into the school account. Below are the details:
        • Account Name Bambino Schools
          Account Number 1227599
          Bank National Bank
          Branch Capital City
          Fax 01761372
          Email ​admin@bambinoschool.org

          Remember to bring or send the deposit slip to our Accounts Office personally or by fax or email.

        • Uniform
          We encourage all our learners to be in our school colors every day with appropriate sports uniform for Tuesday afternoon (standard white shorts – with an option of plain white/black tights for girls under the shorts, Bambino white sports t-shirt – or a plain white t-shirt as you await supply, with predominantly white sports shoes and plain white socks). On Thursday afternoon we have House Activities and students are expected to buy a house color t-shirt which will be communicated in due course.
    • DAY 0700 -0720 730 – 0810 730 – 1010 040 – 1320 1420 – 1600
      Monday Assembly Lessons Lessons Lessons Lessons
      Tuesday Arrival Lessons Lessons Lessons School sports
      Wednesday Arrival Lessons Lessons Lessons Service Projects
      Thursday Arrival Lessons Lessons Lessons Clubs or Houses
      Friday Arrival Lessons Lessons Lessons Lesson (1320-1400)
    • On arrival at school, students are to go straight to class where they will have registration from 0720 up to 0730. Students who report late for lessons will have to be at the waiting bay and there will be a member of staff to handle late comers, and they will only be allowed into class after the end of the lesson at that time so that lessons are not disturbed. At the end of the day, pick up time is between 1600 and 1630. After 1630, remaining students will be supervised at the waiting bay. Please communicate if you are running late for pick up.

Should there be any queries of clarification, please feel free to visit the school administration or give us a call on our ground lines and/or our direct lines 0993364715 and 0999304419.


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