2018 Opening Newsletter

14th September, 2018

It gives us pleasure to welcome you to the first term of the 2018/19 academic year which promises to be very exciting .The teachers are geared to travel with you on this educational journey. To our parents new and old, we are thrilled to have you on board .May l thank you for the trust you have endowed on us to be the education providers for your wards .The School will do its best to deliver on its mandate to provide quality education and to be always responsive to the needs of its stakeholders. Education yields better where parents are involved so we hope you will actively take a positive interest in all the school activities and where necessary participate in the events the school will host during the course of the year. The following is a summary that we hope will help you to be conversant with your school and its day to day operations.

Your Team


Standard Teacher Standard Teacher
1 North Mrs Mkathama 5 Mr Spoko
1 South Ms Chizinga Mrs Banda
2 North Miss Ng’oma Mr Kawesa
2 South Miss Mdoka 6 Mr Kamangala
2 East Mrs Nyoni Mr Banda
3 North Mrs Foster Miss Ndovie
3 South Mr Njatiyamoyo 7 Mr Mlinde
4 North Mr Chiphwanya Mr Monjeza
4 South Miss Chisambi Mr Chirwa


Subject Teacher Subject Teacher
ICT Mr Kachere (Bus Coordinator) French Mr Kibatcha
PE Mr Chisale & Mr Kanike Music Mrs Zungeni

Deputy head teacher-Mrs T. Zungeni ( 0888359398)



Opening Day 4th September 2018
Consultation Day 12th October 2018
Mother’s Day 15th October 2018
Mid Term Break 16th –19th October 2018
Silver Jubilee 27th October 2018
Coffee Night 16th November 2018
End of Term Examinations 26th – 30th November 2018
Closing Day 6th December 2018
Collection of School Reports 7th December 2018



The school hopes that parents will settle school fees within the two week time frame as stated on the enrolment forms. Failure to do so will see your ward being sent out of the class. Avoid this unnecessary inconvenience to your wards.

To parents with more than one ward from same family also take advantage of the 5% discount offered by the school when you pay cash.

Why also spend the whole day in the bank queue? You can pay using your bank cards (VISA) by swiping at the cashier’s office. You can also pay using Mo626 and send us a report that shows the payment.

Account Name Bambino Schools
Account Number 1227599
Bank National Bank
Branch Capital City
Fax 01761372
Email ​admin@bambinoschool.org



The school will send a newsletter on opening and closing days. During the term information will be relayed through class teachers. We also have a Facebook page so you may check for updates and information.



Our closing letter had a summary of our standard 7 results. Let us also share with you a summary of the 2017/IGCSE form five results.

A* A B C D E F G U
BIOLOGY 2 3 10 9 6 6 2 3
BUSINESS STUDIES 1 2 8 9 6 4 1 1
CHEMISTRY 1 1 5 6 1 5 2
ENGLISH 2nd 4 13 7 8 3
ENGLISH 1st 1 1 1
GEOGRAPHY 1 1 6 12 5 4 5 1
ICT 1 2 2 3 2
MATHEMATICS 1 2 11 8 9 2
PHYSICS 1 2 7 9 6 7 5 1 3
TOTAL 5 13 46 70 41 45 24 5 13



Our Primary Car Park if used with consideration, is able to serve all cars coming to pick wards especially during the knock of time. Teachers will help direct traffic where necessary and it is our wish that no vehicle should not take more than 10 minutes during pick up and drop periods.

Let’s observe the following:

  • All learners to be picked within 30 minutes of dismissal.
  • No car should block the road.
  • No car should remain in the car park after picking or dropping the wards.
  • When there is congestion follow direction of teachers.

You may also suggest on how we can improve the flow of traffic through your groups.



The school offers diverse range of extracurricular activities that include sporting activities and clubs. Each learner is expected to actively participate in such activities. Sports days are Mondays for Junior Section; Tuesdays and Thursdays for Senior Section apart from PE lessons they have. The senior classes have houses which are used during sporting activities and each house has a T-shirt colour, so take note.

We also have swimming lessons every Friday at a fee of 20,000 per month. Interested parents should make payments at the cashier’s office.

Mulanje Green
Nyika White
Shire Black
Lengwe Grey
Kasungu Blue
Zomba Red



All notebooks to be covered by transparent plastic covers for durability as learners will be allowed to carry them home for revision and homework purposes. It is also advisable for them to only carry books they will use or read on that particular day.

Always encourage learners to be very responsible with their notebooks and properties.

  • No soup, drinks allowed on notebooks.
  • Books should never be left home.
  • Homework will always be given. Remember as a parent you have a role to play. Don’t do homework for them but encourage them and where possible give guidance.

*The school provides textbooks but parents are also free to buy for their wards extras. Prescribed books are; – The Cambridge Global English, Maths, Science. It covers standard 1 – 7. For English reading and composition improvement; Sunrise Readers.


We wish you a very fruitful academic year.

D. Makuta 0996960548






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