Since the opening of our boarding houses in 2002, Bambino Schools has been committed to providing a boarding experience that

  • Fosters growth and independence of all our learners
  • Provides a safe and comfortable home-away-from-home
  • Provides meaningful academic and social experiences
  • Fosters cooperation, love, unity and mutual support
  • Provides a conducive environment for academic excellence and hard work’


The boarding houses at Bambino Schools are more than just buildings; they are at the very center of our borders time and identity at the school, where they become part of a community of friends, peers and staff.

The core focus of boarding life is academics. Therefore, majority of the boarders time is directed towards individual and group study and research.

However, we ensure an atmosphere is created where equal emphasis is placed on individualized care and attention for the boarders in our care by the Housepersons, Matrons, School Nurse and Student Assistants attached to these houses.

Our boarding houses boast modern facilities and routine that are perfect for study, rest and recreation making it the perfect choice for any student

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