Bambino Nursery School Newsletter

Dear Parent/ Guardians,

Welcome back to Bambino Nursery School our dear parents and learners. Special welcome to our new parents and thank you for the right choice you have made to join the Bambino family. Newsletters of this kind constitute the main form of communication from school to parents. It is advisable that they are read carefully because they contain very important information. We also encourage direct contact between the class teacher and a parent. We hope to have the usual support from all of you parents as it has been the case before.

Know Your Teachers

Class Name of Class Teacher Phones Name of Assistant Phone
Baby Mrs. C. Mbale 0999335605 Miss H. Chamveka 0888720033
Toddler Mrs. C. Mussa 0991811318 Miss C. Mkandawire 0881984874
Middle Miss T. Chiyenda 0881479379
Ms. J. Nanthowa
Mrs. V. Banda
Reception 1 Ms. M. Gondwe 0995878713 Miss. C. Maleta 0884047748
Reception 2 Ms. S. Mvula 0999419711
Mrs A. Storey 0993839024

Term Calendar (14Weeks)


Date Events
4th September 2018-2019 school year started
29th September Silver Jubilee
1st – 5th October Parents and Teachers discussions
15th – 19th October Mid Term Break
2nd November Trip to Kusewera village
9th November Baha’i Holiday
14th November Open Day
30th November Christmas Party
7th December End of first Term school loses. Parents collecting progress reports.

Daily Routine

Lessons begin at 8:00am and all learners are expected to be in class no later than 7:50am. There is always a teacher at the car park from 7:00 – 7:45am. Learners arriving after the stated time will have to be escorted to the class by the adult bringing them. We hope to have the usual support from you parents.



Reception and middle class will be given homework as soon as they have settled down and are familiar with what they are doing. This should remain with your child throughout the year and will act as the first means of communication between home and school.

Home work will be sent three times a week, Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Please make sure this home work is returned the next day. If they scribble on other pages or tear the papers, you will be required to buy a new book, as
there will be no room.


New Parents Meeting

A special invitation to all our new parents this Friday 14​th September 2018. The meeting is scheduled to begin at 13:00hrs and end at 14:00hrs. The main agenda is getting to know each other as well as sharing a bit about your expectations and ours.

Silver Jubilee

This year, Bambino Schools will be celebrating 25 years and the event will be held on 29​th of September 2018. A more detailed letter about the event will follow.

SCORES 5.0-6.0 4.0-4.9 3.0-3.9 2.0-2.9 TOTAL PASS 1.0-1.9 0.0-0.9 TOTAL
MATHS 4 3 11 11 29 10 6 45
ENGLISH 14 7 12 9 42 3 0 45
SCIENCE 12 12 13 5 42 2 1 45
TOTAL 30 22 36 25 15 7 45


Examination results for Primary Checkpoint

Last academic year, Bambino Primary School had standard 7 students who sat for the Cambridge Primary Checkpoint and below is a summary of the outstanding results. Some of the students were graduates from Bambino Nursery School and we share with Bambino Primary School this outstanding performance:


High School Cambridge IGCSE Results

In the same year, some of our Bambino Nursery School graduates managed to sit for Bambino High School examination in the Cambridge IGCSE examinations and we also share the outstanding performance:

A* A B C D E F G U
BIOLOGY 2 3 10 9 6 6 2 3
BUSINESS STUDIES 1 2 8 9 6 4 1 1
CHEMISTRY 1 1 5 6 1 5 2
ENGLISH 2nd 4 13 7 8 3
ENGLISH 1st 1 1 1
GEOGRAPHY 1 1 6 12 5 4 5 1
ICT 1 2 2 3 2
MATHEMATICS 1 2 11 8 9 2
PHYSICS 1 2 7 9 6 7 5 1 3
TOTAL 5 13 46 70 41 45 24 5 13


Day Care

Nursery School offers daycare which starts at 12:00 noon soon after classes and finishes at 4:45 pm. We recommend that all parents observe the knocking off time as late picking up will attract a penalty of K1, 000 paid on demand. The school provides a well-balanced diet.


Fees Reminder

All Parents please note the fees for 2018-2019 academic year are as follows:

Class Fees (MK)
Nursery 150,000
Day care 70,000
Nursery + Day care 220,000
Reception 180,000 (250,000 with daycare​)


All new learners are expected to pay the full amount of school fees upon acceptance into the school. For returning students, the school encourages parents to pay all fees on or before the first day of the term. However, for those who might not have done so, please be advised that the grace period for the fees ends on 14th​ September 2018.

All fees must be deposited into the school account. Below are the details.

Account Name Bambino Schools
Account Number 1227599
Bank National Bank
Branch Capital City
Fax 01761372
Email ​

Remember to send the deposit slip to our Accounts
Office, fax or email.



We encourage all our learners to be in our school colours everyday ​ except Wednesdays (during which they have P.E) and Fridays when they dress according to the colour of the week.​ Uniform can be purchased from the school’s tuck shop located at the primary school.

Should there be any queries, please feel free to call either of the numbers below.

Thank You

Masozi Gondwe
Nursery Supervisor​ – 0881 725 165/0995878713

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