Primary – End of Term Newsletter

We have come to the end of 2018/19 academic year in which positive things were achieved. Among them was the introduction of parent’s portal which allows our parents and guardians to check for fees payments made, balances as well as school reports at the click of a button in the comfort of our homes or offices. We encourage all parents to familiarize themselves with the system as we are moving away from paper era to paperless operations. Your class teachers are trained to be able to assist you achieve this. The first step is to get the correct ID number for your ward, then register into the system by inputting the ID number, name of ward, your E-mail address, password, verify and you are registered and ready to access.

Standard 7 Cambridge Results came out and a graduation ceremony was held at the Bambino school grounds. We had a total of 25 distinctions with one student getting all three distinctions in English, Mathematics and Science; 6 getting two distinctions and the overall pass rate was 90%. Standard 1 -7 students were given awards and certificates by both the school and the PTA. We are thankful to the PTA.

The school also participated in a Peace Run-a global initiative that promotes peace. This was aired on Sunrise Zodiak TV. You can follow what happened on this website

School officially closes on Friday 19th of July and opens on 2nd September 2019. Those interested in summer lessons will be available from 29th July to 23rd August at a cost of K35, 000 payable on registration.

Take note that for standard 6 classes they should all attend the summer lessons in our quest to improve results. They will be taught the three subjects which are examinable in Cambridge checkpoint. This is our quest to improve results. Let not your child miss out. Classes will be starting from 8:00 am to 12:00 noon.

School Fees for 2019/2020 have been slightly adjusted as follows:

  • Standard 1 – 4
    • K290, 000.00 from K250, 000.00 per term.
  • Standard 5 -7
    • K330, 000.00 from K270, 000.00 per term.

Fees must be deposited into the school’s account:

Bank NameNational Bank
BranchCapital City
Account NameBambino Schools
Account Number1227599

After depositing the money into the bank remember to always give the cashier the deposit slip to get a receipt. We still remain the most competitive, whilst we continue to offer quality service.

School Bus Service

The school will continue providing the bus service at an affordable price. However, despite charging lower than others, some fail to owner us on time and it affects our service a lot. We therefore appeal for quick payments to help improve the service. Payments are done every four weeks and normally we have three payments in a term. We are also introducing this bus service in Likuni in September.

Bus fees remain unchanged as follows:

  • One way
    • K20, 000 per month
  • Two ways
    • K25, 000 per month


We would like also to inform all parents and guardians that we have limited space for standard one and those who wish their wards to start in that grade this coming academic year should come as soon as possible to register at a fee of K22, 000.

We wish you quality time with your wards and congratulate all of them as they graduate into the next grade.



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