Peace Run 2019

Bambino Primary School was privileged to participate in the 2019 Peace Run-a worldwide   initiative to share and celebrate peace in the 44 counties that are in the Southern Hemisphere. The theme of the peace run was Peace begins with me, Peace begins with us. Bambino Primary was among three schools in Lilongwe selected for this Peace Run and there was no better event and occasion than this one to resonate on our Character Development Program which is centered on a broad number of virtues which all have a bearing on peace and harmony among people and Nations. The interviews done by the head teacher and standard 7 learners all emphasized on what we could do together as one united family and people to promote peace and unity. The school pledged to continue with its endeavors to promote peace and harmony through its various programs that include sports, clubs, service projects and the classroom activities. It was encouraging to see the enthusiasm by both teachers and learners on this day and are hopeful that the message has been taken home and parents will lead from the front in promoting peace in the family set up.

A game of guess which learners enjoyed so much
Aliesha the torch bearer for the day

Peace Run Summary

  • A Lap run by international team and Bambino teachers.
  • A presentation on the rationale behind the Peace Run by the international team.
  • A game to guess where some of the participants were coming from[countries].
  • Holding of the torch by all learners and teachers.
  • Interviews Zodiac TV –The head teacher, Sheena Fulutuna and Oswald Mtupira.

Learners and teachers holding the torch, which symbolizes a commitment to make the world a peaceful place to live in.

Bambino Peace Run

**Look out for the program which is going to be aired on Zodiac TV on a date to be announced. The activities that took place can also be accessed on this link:

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