Dear Parents/Guardians

Greetings to you all our dear parents and guardians. We hope this letter finds you in a sound health state. Term 3 as well as the academic year 2018 / 2019 has come to an end. As usual, we do not take your support and trust for granted. You have allowed us yet another term and year to be take care of your wards. We believe we have done our best and still hope to continue doing all we can to help them grow up responsible and independent beings. Bambino boarding is and shall remain A HOME AWAY FROM HOME.

Besides just staying with your wards day in day out and encouraging them to study and make progress academically, the boarding section organizes extra activities to keep the children entertained and well exposed to the world around them. The children learn how make their own beds, clean their own utensils and wash their own clothes. They also learn how to manage their own finances and little resources like the snacks you buy them. We also have time to do sporting activities, watch movies or go out for special trips. Thank you to all the parents who supported our field trip to Liwonde National park at the end of term 1. The school’s management has now set us a policy that boarding students should be having such outings in term 1 annually to avoid colliding with those organized in the academic sections in terms 2 and 3.

This year we have seen more and more of our boarding students excelling outstandingly in various respects of the school life. For example; the following students were among the top 3 of their classes in academic performances:

1Samuel KasamileForm 5
2Panashe Bell KawalewaleForm 5
3Bramwell MusyimiForm 4A
4Jonathan NyirendaForm 4A
5Silvia WilliamsForm 2A
6Nthambi BokosiForm 2A
Grace WilliamsStandard 6N
Deborah BongaStandard 5

Thank you again for visiting your wards on the specifically set dates. Most of you came only on these set visiting days. Of course we would still like to appeal to a few of you who still seem to have doubts in the abilities of your wards’ ability to be independent and responsible beings. Your frequent visits may not help your wards much in these respects.

The school continues to do character development activities which we would like to encourage you to share with your wards what they usually learn during morning devotional assemblies and on Sundays’ joint devotional meetings.

We would also like to remind you that our school policy says ALL BOARDING FEES MUST BE PAID UP BY THE TIME YOUR WARD COMES BACK TO SCHOOL. No fees no entry into the hostels. So please, let’s start now to think of preparing for or even paying our wards’ boarding fees so that when it’s time for their return, you would avoid the inconveniences that may arise if you have to be sent back.

We would also like to remind you of our basic uniform requirements; each child is expected to have at least two sets of these. This helps your ward to be able to wash one set everyday but be able to go to school proper attire the following day. Your wards are also expected to have their own cup, plate, spoon, fork for use in the dining.


  1. School closes on 19th July 2019 and will reopen on 2nd September 2019. Boarders will be expected to return on the 1st of September 2019 by or before 1700. Please let’s observe these times to avoid inconveniences. If you cannot make it on the Sunday you will risk being asked to bring your ward the following Sunday since arrival of boarders shall, from now onwards be monitored by more teaching staff members in addition to our normal boarding personnel so we do not want to disturb these teachers during the week days.
  2. Fees shall, effective 1st September 2019, be as follows:


Baby Class, Toddler Class and Middle Class180,000
Day Care 70,000


Standard 1-4290,000
Standard 5-7330,000


  • 350,000



Form 1 and 2 350,000
Form 3365,000
Form 4385,000


Form 1 and 2380,000
Form 3395,000
Form 4500,000
Form 5500,000
Form 6570,000


  • 320,000
  • Medical 50,000
  • Registration and Admission Fee 22,000
  1. We believe some of you had heard that we were planning to introduce a students’ phone access over weekends. After consulting with you through our questionnaire, we have noted that the majority of you are not for this idea. Therefore, the school management have decided not to implement this policy. This, therefore, entails that your wards are not allowed to bring and keep phones in the hostels. We understand that some of the children travel long distances on their own and there may be need to be communicating with them on their way to or from school. We ask you to encourage them to surrender their phones as soon as they arrive at the hostels. We will keep the phones and give them back when the need arises or at the end of the term. If they are discovered to be keeping the phone in the hostels at any time, the phone shall be confiscated.
  2. There shall be summer classes for the primary school from 29th July 2019 to 23rd August 2019. This will cost mk35,000 and shall be payable on registration

Once again, our valued and dear parent, we would like to wish you all the best with you wards during this long holiday.                                                                         

S. KanjalaF. Mzungu
Boarding MasterMatron

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