Our learners our values

There are many myths and misconception about people with disabilities around the world.

Things like;

  • These people are not productive
  • They need guidance every time
  • They need to be treated differently
  • They are tragic people and deserve pity

But at Bambino Private Schools, Special Educational Needs and Disability Section, these myths and misconceptions are torn down. We can assure you that people/children with disabilities are none of the above. Instead they are courageous, happy, inspirational and brave.

Above: Our Special Needs practicing basic tailoring skills for starters

We count on their ability and not their disability

We embrace our differences, and value the fact that it’s nature — that everyone was born different from the other. It only takes a variation of activities to meet the needs of an individual person.

One of our special learners making a mat
The final product. The Mat

Our learners our priority

At Bambino special educational needs, we use different approaches to learning that would accommodate and benefit every child despite his/her learning challenges. We involve  our Special Educational Needs Learners  in different activities and programs such as vocational training.

Field visit to the farm

Vocational training program

With vocational training, our learners are now able to do tailoring, where despite the slow progress, they are able to sew rags neatly. Soon we move in to designing.

They are able to make mats fit for merchandise and can make one at an order.

They are also being trained in cooking, food handling , gardening, etc.

We now have a few more places for more special children. Hurry and enroll your child now!

Above: Standard 1 & 5 supporting special class world’s down syndrome day also known as a crazy socks days

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