Workflow International Day

Bambino Schools is a multicultural educational institution that aims to provide quality education to students of diverse nationalities, cultures, races, religions, and backgrounds. The school embraces this diversity and on its International Day on the 6th of March, the school celebrated this diversity.

The school is host to students from a wide range of countries. The day saw presentations from Zambian, South African, Tanzanian, Mozambican, Nigerian, American, Congolese, Turkish, Malawian and Indian Students. Students had an opportunity to share information, languages, cultural practices, dances, food and so much more of their countries of origin.
Performances of Gule Wamkulu, enactment of an Indian wedding, the spread of jollof rice, pondu, chapati, and madesu, poems and hilarious skits enraptured the hearts of all in attendance.

Being a Baha’i inspired School, the school stands firm in the belief that humanity needs to unite in its diversity. The International Day was a true testament to this unity. All present gained an appreciation of our differences and the beauty in the world that it creates. This is one aspect that makes Bambino Schools unique and an amazing environment for any child to learn and grow in.

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