SEND – End of 2018/19 academic year

Dear Parents/Guardians

As we come to the close of term 3 which started in April, we would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for the support you rendered to your child and his/her education be it at home or school. It was a wonderful term with lots of experience and efforts and your patience is much appreciated. A lot of activities have been happening this term such as assessments for the right placement of the learners, mental health awareness, shopping day with the learners, etc. We are also delighted to let you know that; most of our learners have shown a very good improvement on both academic and social behaviour. We will still continue to be very vigilant about ensuring that our learners are achieving the best they can.

Our vocational training group has also had a very wonderful term. We have managed to identify some activities for our learners in the areas that they need to specialise on and we will be working on that. Some of the activities that we have concentrated in this academic year are; tailoring, mat making, gardening, kitchen work, mat making, etc.  it is in these areas that we have identified the areas of specialisation for our learners. We are continually identifying more activities which we can include in the vocational training and your precious ideas are always welcome.

This term we were also privileged to have worked with three volunteers; we had Shanie from England; Miss Angella from Chancellor College and Miss Doreen from Catholic University. These were a great addition to the team and they helped a lot both with work as well as new ideas on how best to run our department.

School re-opens on Monday 2nd September, 2019. We hope to see you again next academic year, and our calendar for next term will be sent in the first week of opening school. We will also be assessing new learners in the last week of August and we urge you to confirm as soon as possible if your child will be part of us next term so that their place would not be taken.

Please take note of the fees adjustment for next term, the fees will be MK350, 000. The raise has come to this amount because we would like to increase our staff in order to ensure that every child is reached and assisted best, and also purchase more useful resources for learners with special educational needs. We would also want to make adjustments to our environment to be disability friendly.

We here at SEND wish you a nice term break and we are looking forward to seeing you again come September. We hope you will continue assisting your child at home during the holiday.

Thank you very much for your support. Enjoy the holiday

Yours sincerely

Bridget Kaunda

(Head of Department)

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